Trudel & McAdam Limited was incorporated in 1902 in Ottawa as a metal fabrication company, initially servicing the needs of the lumber trade as manufacturer of various tools and equipment. Soon, with the introduction of motorcars, it was specializing in automotive springs and then its focus changed to the business of architectural metals fabricator. The first shop was located on Sparks Street, then relocated to Laurier Ave. near Kent St. through the first half of the 20th century. Finally, in 1961, the company moved to Grenfell Crescent in Nepean.

Loucon Metal Limited was incorporated in December of 1966 when Robert S Armstrong, the owner of Trudel & McAdam Limited, teamed with his friend, Robert Stinson, to form a metal warehousing company. Armstrong had the idea to form the company when he noticed that more and more people were appearing at the Trudel & McAdam fabrication shop looking for pieces of
raw material. Armstrong and Stinson named the new company after their wives,
Louise Gertrude (Gert) Armstrong and Constance (Connie) Stinson.

The front half of the warehouse was completed in 1966 and then its size was doubled in 1972 when the company invested in a 12-foot Cincinnati plate shear. The company continued to operate and build on its industry ties in the Ottawa area. In 1992 Stinson retired and was bought out by Armstrong.

In 1993 the company purchased a twelve-foot, 250-ton press brake and began to focus solely on the pre-processing services that we still offer today. A good portion of our business now involves plate and sheet shearing and forming. In 1998, Armstrong retired and the company was bought by employee Ken Glover. Loucon Metal Ltd. continues to adopt changes that enhance our ability to serve our customers. Most recently, in 2004, the company adopted business system software that is tailored specifically to the metal service centre industry. This system allows us to better track our inventory and manage our business. The company today continues to focus on the supply of raw materials and to provide value-added services to our customers.